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 The Power Lvling Party -- Revived!!

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R1 - Piranha
R1 - Piranha

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PostSubject: The Power Lvling Party -- Revived!!   Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:55 am

Hey all Very Happy

Last summer a group from Alien did a power lvling party. We got some allies involved too and made 50-93 in just 6 week with a dozen characters Very Happy
This year I want to organise something simulair.

Twice a day we will set times so all allies know when to log in for the Plvling. Whether you join or not, is up to u, but hopefully there will be plenty of members every day. Staying for 1 dp or more, its all up to you.

Aim is to bring the alliance together, help each other lvl, and bring the R4 and R5 to a higher lvl. Which is why, the Plvling is aimed for mains and alts of 88+ and 100+. These party ranges are poor for good dps, so its best to make them ourselves. Outsiders out of the alliance are not welcomed, unless really needed. Prefered, have your alt join one of the guilds.

Powerlvling starts on the 1st of july and will finish 1st of september.
Times will be:
19.30/7.30 pm MET (EU) = 12.30/12.30pm CST (USA)
18.30/6.30 pm CST = 01.30/1.30am MET
13.30/1.30 pm MET = 06.30/6.30pm CST
12.30/12.30 pm CST = 19.30/7.30am MET

This way, EU and USA members will have 2 or 3 times they can attend.
Prefered, log onto TS and form the party.

Predictions: A 88+ character can gain 1 lvl per 1 or 2 days in these dps. A 100+ char can gain 1 lvl per 2 or 3 days in these dps. Double that with SS.
And after 8.5 weeks of vacation the whole group could go up as much as 20-25 lvls if you were to play every day!
This means, a fresh R5 could hit R6 and a 88 could end up between 110 and 115.

So Help Spread The Word About The Power Lvling Party to all guilds!!!
Any suggestions are welcome too, and tell us if you will join =D

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R4 - Likirus
R4 - Likirus

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PostSubject: Re: The Power Lvling Party -- Revived!!   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:27 pm

i am 2-3 weeks away from finishing my kitchen i hope to join around 6:30 pm EST US
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The Power Lvling Party -- Revived!!
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