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 Fun in the Sun

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PostSubject: Fun in the Sun   Fun in the Sun Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 7:21 am

Drop Event
June 17 - June 30

It's June, and summertime is right around the corner. It's time for some fun in the sun! This summer we're going on a treasure hunt! When the ship Navislamia was cursed, Captain Fedora attempted to save the valuable cargo it was carrying. Unfortunately for him - but fortunately for us - he dropped all the treasure chests into the sea as he was making his escape! Now the treasure has resurfaced in the hands of monsters all over the world. Will you get a piece of loot?

Treasure Boxes contain a variety of important sailor amenities in addition to the Navislamia's valuable cargo. Cool, refreshing mana potions and scrolls are amongst the treasure, as well as Immorality Soap – a necessity on any long sea voyage! You might also find exotic clothing from distant lands, such as Swimsuits and Flip-flops! Keep an eye out for Navislamia’s real treasure, though, in the form of boxes containing Vitality Soul Stones and R3-R7 Enhancement Cubes. Just be careful – Helmet Crabs have snuck into some of the treasure boxes and eaten the goods!

Item Description
Mana Box Open for a mana regeneration consumable.
Rupee Bag
Open for a small amount of rupees.

Immorality Soap
Reduces immorality points by 500.

Vit Stone Box Open for a vitality stone.

Helmet Crab (15 Days)
Decorative Pet with a looting capability.
Cube Box Defense
Open for a defense cube.
Cube Box Strike
Open for a strike cube.
Swimsuit (7 Days)
In this swimsuit, the hottest item this summer will be you!

Flip-flops (7 Days) Great for long walks on the beach.

Big Rupee Bag
Open for a large amount of rupees.
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Fun in the Sun
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