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 May Event

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PostSubject: May Event   May Event Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 12:50 pm

Event Details:

Drop Event
May 13 - May 26

During the event, monsters will have a chance to drop Flower Bouquets. From these bouquets, one of the following can be obtained.

Item Description
Lily Use to recover 400 HP and MP.
Impomoea Flower
Use to recover 500 HP and MP.
Rose Bouquet (14 Days) Increases stamina recovery rate by 20%.
Lily Bouquet (14 Days) Increases stamina recovery rate by 20%.
Love Heart (15 Days) Decorative Pet with a looting capability.
Creature Ressurection Scroll
Recovers EXP that decreases when creature dies and fills HP and MP to 100%.
Creature Name Change Changes the name of your summoned tamed creature.
Creature Re-specialization Potion
Resets a creature's skills and JP by refunding the cost of all trained skills.

Salamander Card
Empty Creature Card.

Hawkman Card
Empty Creature Card.
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May Event
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