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 Patch notes

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PostSubject: Patch notes   Patch notes Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2008 1:29 pm

[PATCHNOTES] Patch Notes - 01/23/08 January 23,2008

• Log out timer has been added. If you are not in-town then there is a 10 second timer. See the Community Center for more info.

• Rank 5 bows have had their textures fixed.

• Two kinds of Rank 2 armor for each class type have been added.

• Luna chips have been added (they are similar to force ships and soul chips combined).

• You may now carry more Rupees than before.

• The formatting on Items’ tool tips has been tweaked.

• The time on the Feather of Return has been adjusted from 20 min to 4 hours.

• Auction Houses are now enabled. See the Community Center for more info.

• New 3D images for Gale of Axe have been added.

• The Patch servers had a hardware upgrade. Patches should be much quicker to download now and there should be less issues caused by patching.
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R5 - SoulSeeker
R5 - SoulSeeker

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PostSubject: Re: Patch notes   Patch notes Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 12:22 pm

My thoughts on the updates.

Log out timer: Worst. Idea. Ever. Developer who made it needs to be shot and thrown into a woodchipper. (Just watched Fargo Very Happy)

R5 Bows: Saw Ech0's, I can't wait, it looks really pwetty.

R2 Armor: Drop only, haven't seen any yet. Right now they're going for 2mil Shocked

Luna Chips: Wonderful for PvP and dungeon bosses. Me, Deedle and Tweedy (Vixens alt) did Ofo with these new chips. cheers

More Rupees: Doesn't affect me, since I don't got none! lol!

Tool tips: Eh?

Feather of Return: Uhm, yay? I guess?

Auction House: Yay! Get rid of warehouse junk!

Gale of Axe: What of who?

Patch Server Upgrade: So, what, now it'll only bomb out 10 times instead of 20?
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Patch notes
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